Monday, July 25, 2005

I went to a friend’s house yesterday for a beading get-together. A handful of women were there, of all different ages, making jewelry. They made pretty things, but I don’t wear much jewelry. So I made a couple of scissor fobs, which kind of confused them.

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I guess beading isn’t for me.

What I did discover though, was that many bead shops sell silver charms…and those charms will work very well with some of my stitching. And even at a shop, (as opposed to wholesale or from a catalog) those charms are relatively inexpensive. Like under a dollar. So I was glad for that. Now all I need to work on is going into a bead shop and ignoring the beads because a) I won’t wear them, b) making jewelry takes more patience than I have, and c) I really, really don’t need another hobby.

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