Saturday, July 02, 2005

It looks like we'll have a quiet weekend ahead. It will be the first one of the summer, and maybe the last...On the one hand, it's kind of a relief. On the other hand, this is the first Fourth of July in years that we haven't been invited to a party or two. I'm feeling unloved. Not really. If something doesn't come up, maybe we'll create something. We'll just have to wing it.

So - these are my weekend plans so far:
1. Weed the front garden.
2. Stare in a daze at the back garden and wish the garden fairies would come and take care of the whole mess. Then go back in the house.
3. Go to the other house and weed that garden.
4. Try to get at least one run or brisk walk in.
5. Go swimming. Swim to the dock and be lazy for about an hour then swim back.
6. Stitch a little. Finish a little Christmas kit that's almost done.
7. Make a dent in the laundry. I picked Colleen up from camp yesterday. Holy cow - her laundry smelled like something died in it. To be fair, she warned me...but two weeks of camp with a few days of rain at the end made for some stinky stuff. Well, smelliness or not, I'm so glad she's home and my house feels normal again.

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