Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's hot, hot, hot. And I would love to be sitting on the back deck stitching this:

But instead I'm stuck in this un-airconditioned, flippin' office staring at this poor excuse for an inbox:

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Which has overflowed to this:
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And the thing I dread the most - filing the stuff I've finished:
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Having a home office is both a blessing and a curse. The temptation to play hooky is way too great....

But both kids are away tonight. DD is at soccer camp, and DS is at a church retreat. So Dave and I will head to Deep Creek tonight for some R&R. For him that means golf. For me, that means some swimming, stitching, and a good book. Dinner together, a little wine, and, well....And back tomorrow.

So it's time to quit whining about work and get a move on so we can get outta here!

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