Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So - after our Deep Creek escape, and after the kids got home from their respective camps and retreats, we packed up for a quickie trip to Philadelphia for a visit to the parental units. (I hope I’m not the only one who gets that reference….)

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Mom and Dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday. I’m awestruck by that. It’s huge. And let me say that I could smack my sister who, as the champagne glasses were being raised, turned to me and said, “Now Lee will give the toast.” Seriously. That sort of thing calls for a smack in the head.

My brother did the same thing to me at his wedding rehearsal dinner, but at least he gave me 5 minutes to prepare. As the meals were being served, he asked me to say the blessing and I of course said yes, but just give me a few minutes. Not a problem – it takes a while to serve 30+ guests. And by then, I had some thoughts I could string into a prayer. But not my sister. Can you say impulsive? So what could you do? Ask them to wait patiently with champagne glasses in their hands while I ponder a toast? So my toast sucked. Trite and Lame-o. Luckily, only family members were there to hear it. I think I’ll write them a toast and send it in a card. I really do have some sentiments and blessings that would have made a lovely toast. They’re all here on the tips of my fingers….just not on the tip of my tongue.

Oh well, the day was really sweet, and I hope my parents enjoyed their picnic. With my dad’s condition, a small family gathering was the best choice (cognitively and physically). We had started to plan a banquet a while back, and that later changed to a family dinner at a restaurant, but then it became clear that any big shindig would have been too stressful for him. So this was a low-key, informal deal. ….sigh….. Not how we thought life would turn out for mom and dad.

Did you ever listen to the Josh Groban song, “You’re Still You”? I swear it was written about someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

Stitching? Well, I started Flip Flop days and it’s so much fun!

And some bad news….it looks like I’ve lost my Souvenir Sampler. Yikes. I remember that I packed it when I went to Edinboro for the soccer tournaments, but I haven’t seen it since then and it doesn’t seem to be in the house. This is bad. Time to send up the St. Anthony prayer again….

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