Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sorry to say that my work piles still look the same, mostly because even tho I chip away at them, someone keeps adding to the piles. Hmmm. How does that happen?

We’ve had an absolutely lovely week.

Deep Creek was the best. Our hotel was a little run down, and access to the lake for swimming was kind of a joke, (slide in between the boats – I don’t think so) but we made it work. Actually, we went to the beach at a nearby state park, but a storm brewed up after we had been there a short time.
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So we went back to the hotel, where we sat on our balcony, sipping wine and talking, as we contemplated this:
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And oh the food! The hotel restaurant had fabulous crab cakes. I mean, big chunks of crab, perfectly seasoned, and cooked to perfection. Dave had crab-stuffed roughy, and it was wonderful, too. All of which was eaten from a gorgeous porch with a view of the lake. You can see the restaurant porch in the upper right corner of the photo above. I’m telling you, it was heaven.

No doubt about it, I’m a lake girl. Now, I’ll always love the beach. All of my childhood/young adult vacations were to the Jersey shore – Stone Harbor to be exact – and they were all excellent. But if I were to consider buying a vacation home somewhere, I’d pick a lake setting. The cool clear water, the lush green trees, the way everything smells, and the mist hovering over a lake – they just call to me. I live near a lake now – across the street to be exact – but my vacation spot would be much more secluded and the lake would be much bigger. Deer Lake is small (only 77 acres), and I love it, but I’d choose a big lake.

So, which are you? Lake or beach? And don’t say a waterless vacation. Sorry, that’s not a vacation.

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