Friday, July 22, 2005

There’s not so much to write about today.

The kids have been reasonably well behaved, which means that they say hello, goodbye, come home on time, and pick up their own dishes. Not to oversimplify, but that’s all it takes to make me happy sometimes. That and knowing that band camp starts on August 8, and school starts on August 29. Oh happy day!

DH has been playing golf a lot, which I find to my surprise that I’ve been rather happy with. I know – it’s such a departure from my I Hate Golf rant of last year. Either I’m mellowing or we’ve struck a working balance here.

I found the Souvenir Sampler. Remember the piles of unfinished work? It was in there. I guess it’s a lucky thing that I’ve done some work lately. So I won’t be complaining about work today.


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