Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ok, forgive this rant about Canadian geese. And the US federal government. But here it comes:

Living on a lake is absolutely wonderful. The variety of bird life is amazing. And I remember back 20 years ago how we would rush outside in the fall to get a glimpse of migrating Canada geese. I grew up in the city – we didn’t see much wildlife beyond an occasional squirrel or robin. So the honking V-shaped flocks in the sky were gorgeous to me each fall. And they were just beautiful swimming on the lake.

Hell, I even cross-stitched pictures of Canadian geese!

But 20 years later, we have 40 resident geese and piles of poop up to our eyeballs. And precious little we can do about it because the federal government protects them.

So, what’s a lake community to do? There’s nothing you can do except go directly to the federal government (who figures prominently in the problem), and contract with them (meaning pay big bucks each year) to have them minimize the problem… that they have perpetuated!

As my kids would say, “That’s soooo annoying!”

End Rant.

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