Monday, September 05, 2005

As I write this, I’m sitting near an open window, with a warm breeze moving the wind chimes, and the lovely sun is shining in. I can’t think of a more perfect place in which to be. The weather this Labor Day weekend has been glorious. And to commemorate the last holiday of the summer, I’ve finished this:

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So I guess now I’ll move on to some autumn and even Christmas stitching. I’ve pulled out the supplies I’ll need for “Flying Monkeys”. Simple and fun – just my cup of tea!

You can probably tell that things around here are getting back to normal, or at least back to some days with structure. I’m not writing endlessly about losing my mind, so that’s probably your first clue…And no doubt those entries became pretty boring. But I always feel like I need to add something to my blog, because I know when someone doesn’t update for 4-6 weeks, I delete them from my Favorites. Sorry folks, but I can’t deal with the pain of possible deletion…

But anyway, now that August is over and I’m more relaxed, I can actually write about things we did last month. My parents came for a visit early in the month and stayed about a week. My dad seems well physically, but I can see his steady decline cognitively. One thing that struck me this visit was his lack of affect. Dad just doesn’t smile or laugh much anymore. We’ve always been a teasing, dry-humored group, but now Dad doesn’t seem to get it. He’s talking less and less.

And my mother is quickly becoming immobile. She can walk around the house and that’s about all. At this point, I worry more about Mom than about Dad. And then I become aggravated with her because she could do something to slow her condition. I’ve begged them to join a local YMCA, or go anywhere to get some mild exercise, and Mom will promise, but not follow through. They even had prescriptions for physical therapy last winter and they just never got there. I have to be careful though, and remind myself that I’m not in her shoes and that many things that seem simple to me are actually quite complicated for them.

Shortly after my parents left, I got the two kids packed off for band camp. And two hours later Dave and I hit the road (or rather, the air) for Pawley’s Island. Oh – what a fabulous, fabulous trip. Our room was lovely – the resort was wonderful and the weather was great. And the dining – Excellent. I only wish we had had more days because there were so many more restaurants that I wanted to try. I’d love to have tried some of the restaurants at Murrell’s Inlet. But maybe next trip.

Then in another week the kids went back to school. They’re happy in a lukewarm way. I know they wish they could sleep a lot longer everyday. After a full week of school and after-school activities, Saturday morning was a sleep-fest for them. I guess they needed it. I know I was a marathon sleeper in my teens and early twenties, so they come by it honestly….

And now we’re in for a lovely fall. John (DS) will have his knee surgery this Friday after a summer of waiting, so that will be a big relief. Colleen (DD) will be playing junior varsity soccer through October and I can’t wait to watch her games! And my referee schedule is already filling up, and I’m excited about that.

Well, it certainly felt good to write again! See you in a few days.

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