Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I don’t have any stitching to write about today. I had good intentions and packed a stitching bag to take with me on Friday while I waited for DS during his knee surgery, but I was too distracted to even open it up. I don’t know – I thought I was real laid back about the whole thing, but I think I was just fooling myself. I believe I was actually more nervous than I wanted to admit. When we (finally) arrived at home, the first thing I did was lay across the bed and sleep for over an hour. A deep sleep. I felt wiped out. Oh but enough about me, me, me. DS is doing well, despite some discomfort and swelling. But he has an excellent prognosis and should begin rehab soon and then we hope he’ll be running pain-free for Spring Track and Field.

Soccer is in full swing and each and every season I feel more confident about my referee skills. I had a coach spew some unkind words during a game Sunday because he thought I had missed an offside penalty, but I was dead on with my call, and he was wrong. Too bad there aren’t instant replay films in recreational soccer! Seriously…. how can a coach who is standing on the center line accurately see where the players are in relation to each other and the ball?? And I’m back there, exactly in position – and he believes he can make the call? Ha! I say. His team lost badly. I guess he needed to vent.

However, as much as I like reffing, my left hip is taking a pounding. It feels as tight as a drum. I rented a yoga DVD a couple of weeks ago though, and it seems to be helping. And of course, a Cosmopolitan or two after the game greases the joints.

This is the week of the 84 Lumber Classic, right down the road at Nemacolin Woodlands. We’re all preparing for massive gridlock over the weekend, as a gazillion people descend on our little town and its two lane road. Golfers. My favorite people. I think it’s really wimpy that we all have to be soooooo quiet and even stop moving when they tee off or putt. Cripes. Get over yourselves. We have tickets to go watch the tournament on Thursday and Sunday. I’ll go with Dave, but I’ve tried to encourage him to take a friend instead of me. Does anybody out there want to go? Anybody? Pretty please?

Gotta go - time to pick up Limpy from the bus stop. L8R.

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