Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I’ve written a short rant about family in the past. I feel another rant coming on. You’ve been warned….

Exactly when do you decide to cut bait with a family member? I have some in-laws that drive me crazy. Just when I get to the place that I can be at peace with whatever bullshit they’re throwing my way, they increase the throwage.

I would not be exaggerating one bit if I told you that one in-law in particular is completely useless. Over the 25 years that I’ve known him, he has created more turmoil and aggravation than ten people put together. And all of this would be no-never-mind if we didn’t happen to be involved in a family business with him. So every personal problem seems to translate into a work problem, because he needs time off due to one tragedy or another. And then that means that my DH has to work extra hours. For instance, by the end of this week, he'll have put in a 75 hour work week, because of the most recent problem in Useless Guy's life. (A long list of evil-doing and uselessness was edited out here. It was cathartic to write it, but you all don’t have to suffer through reading it)

I would also not be exaggerating to say that this fellow has never, ever done anything kind or nice for my husband, my kids, or me. N.E.V.E.R.

Ok, so now I’m at the place where I would love to cut off all contact with Useless Guy. But DH is still emotionally tied. And it’s his blood relative, not mine. When I hold my ground and say enough is enough, I feel badly for DH. But when is he going to stop letting Useless Guy take advantage of him?

So I guess I’ll hang in there, keep quiet, and I won’t stir the pot for DH’s sake. And my mantra will be…What goes around comes around. Please. Maybe I’ll stitch it into a sampler and give it to them. F-ing useless.

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