Sunday, October 23, 2005

Yay! Some finishes! Well, at least the stitching part...

Even though I don't particularly like Halloween stuff, I enjoyed the heck out of this little piece:

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And I have a some great fabric to finish it with. Black w/gold moons and stars. I'd surely like to get it done today.

Then I finished this for a group Stitch-along.

Image hosted by

It's an oldie (Prairie Schooler, 1986) that I found in my books as I was looking for a something with a pumpkin. I updated it a little by using GAST instead of DMC and I like the results. Notice the Aida cloth, too. Not what I usually stitch on, but it's nice to give my eyes and brain a break every now and then.

Speaking of eyes, I recently spent some of my referee money on a new lamp! Yes, a lamp. JoAnn Fabrics had their Ott floor lamps on sale for $99, and it really and truly was just what I was looking for, so I plunked down the money. It's fabulous! Of course, I have a general love for lamps anyway, so it wasn't difficult. Seems like if I spend money lately it's on a lamp or stitching...

Later in the week I went to my LNS, (if you can call a 45 minute drive "local"),where I spent most of the rest of my money.

It occurs to me that I'm one lucky person. I enjoy referee work, and I usually get paid well to do it, and then I can spend that little bit of extra $$ on my stitching. How's that for luck?

Looks like it's a busy week ahead. But if I finish Flying Monkeys, I'll post that, too.

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