Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I have a few free moments to myself, so I thought I’d gather some thoughts and write them down. Or type them up. (Hmm. Those two phrases go in different directions. Hey Anna…. why?)

It seems like Thanksgiving should be a time to take a look back at my year. My immediate family has had its struggles. If I zip through my blog archives, I find that I have moaned about aging parents, mouthy teenagers, annoying in-laws, and schedules stretched to the max. But when you put it all into perspective, we really don’t have it any worse than most families. We probably have it better. In fact, I think we live a very charmed life. We have plenty. We have people to love and they love us back. We are truly blessed.

I think that about says it.

So, to all my blogging friends, Happy Thanksgiving. God bless.

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