Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Why I love my teenagers:

Granted, my kids catch the school bus at a wickedly early hour. They need to leave the house at 6:35 each day. So sometimes they're not quite awake.

DD comes downstairs today at 6:30, and says, Hey Mom, sniff my hair. Doesn't it smell good? Naturally, I sniffed. Phew! (Usually she smells pretty good....)

Colleen, what did you put in your hair?

I used your new hairspray.

What new hairspray? I don't have any hairspray.

You know, that green stuff in the spray bottle.

Colleen, that's bug repellent.

But Mom, it's called FlyAway.

Colleen, it's to keep away flies. Not to tame flyaway hair.

Followed by a look of puzzlement on her face, quickly changing to horror because there's no time to wash it out and still catch the bus.

Ok, I'm mean and rotten, but I've been laughing about this all day. At least she won't be bothered by pesky flies.

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