Saturday, December 31, 2005

Today I feel like I have a real day off! I won't work - not even a little (one of the perils of working at're always sitting down to do just one tiny little thing). Colleen is at a friend's for the weekend, so there was no early morning run to swim practice. So today is my own. Mine, mine, mine!

I've spent the morning reading a little, re-charting a design to fit what I need for a block exchange, and putzing around. Now I'll go exercise, shower, and sit down again to do some stitching. I'm in heaven.

What will we do tonight? Well, we've been invited to a couple of house parties - Just some friends getting together. But Dave wants to go to the movies, so later this afternoon we'll head to Pittsburgh, have a bite to eat, then go to a movie (probably King Kong). Then, if it's not too late we'll stop by a party. Johnny and his friend Liz will be with us, too. I'm missing my Colleen, but what can you do?

New Years Resolutions....who needs them? I'm hard enough on myself. But in the spirit of the evening, I'll resolve to lighten up, and to step back and count my blessings more often.

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