Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why you should not clean house before eating breakfast:

I got up this morning, and decided that because I have to seriously work (as in not leave my desk) for the next several days, I should clean the office/sewing room before I got started. If I'm stuck here, it might as well be clean.

So I made my coffee, kissed the kids off to school at 6:35, and, deciding to eat breakfast later, I got started. It was the usual. Pitch, sort, clean. And by 9:00, I was pretty hungry.

Now, ever since DH was diagnosed w/high cholesterol, I’ve been eating healthier. My cholesterol is fine. But DH asked for dietary help, so I buy healthier stuff. Whole grains, some soy, etc. Of course, DH won’t eat it. So who eats it? Me. I’ve always been more adventurous in the culinary department anyway. So my cholesterol will be super-fantastic, and DH will wonder why his is still high. But anyway…..

So, after cleaning for 2 hours, I made myself some Multi-Grain Hot Cereal. Great stuff. Milled flaxseed, soy, whole wheat, oats – I feel wonderfully healthy when I eat it. Mixed in a little brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans….Yum! But my hunger must have distracted me, because as I was putting the pot down to get a bowl out of the cabinet, I totally missed the countertop. Yep. Dropped the pot. And not upside down either, so that it could conveniently plop into one place. No – it dropped right side up, which sent my hot cereal flying across the entire kitchen floor, all over the lower cabinets, and up the side of my garbage can.

Now, there was still a little left in the pot, so I stared at it and debated about eating it first or cleaning. But if you know oatmeal, you know the cement-like quality it takes on when it dries. So I got down on my hands and knees to clean this disaster up.

And that’s when I noticed: It’s amazing how much flung hot cereal looks like vomit. Especially after adding pecans. I kept telling myself, “It’s only oatmeal, it’s only oatmeal.” But I scarcely believed myself.

Ok, it was all wiped up. Mopped down. And then I returned to the pot. No freakin’ way was I eating that this morning.

So I had coffee and half of an apple turnover. Sigh

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