Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm so mad I could spit tacks. And the kicker is, I'm mostly mad at myself.

Why in Gods good name am I having such a difficult time following directions?? WHAT is wrong with me?!

I stitched a small sampler for a group exchange a couple of months ago. Lovely little thing. (see my sidebar) Only I stitched it on linen, when the directions for the exchange very clearly said aida cloth only. OK, that was an oops. A small oops, but none the less, a silly mistake. I mean, the directions were super clear. Was I taking stupid pills that month?

Now, this December, I participated in a mail art exchange. I carefully stitched the envelope and was very happy with it, and accepted the compliments of our postmaster as I proudly affixed the postage and shipped it off to Malaysia. And after 6 weeks my exchange partner still hadn't received it. It came back in yesterday's mail. I had completely mangled the street address. I had the house number correct, but that's about all I had correct on the street line. I went back into my email records and sure enough, it was wrong. Don't ask me how I screwed that up. I really don't know.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, the post in Malaysia took a red Sharpie marker and crossed out the whole address in the front. Now it looks like crap. And wrote all over the back, "No such Street". I'll put it in a paper envelope and send it off, but more than likely I'll stitch her another one.


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