Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Some days I am particularly grateful that I can work in such a beautiful place. I've told you that I work at a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, called Kentuck Knob. If you like a home with clean lines and a warm atmosphere, this home is perfect. Oddly enough, it seems particularly inviting to me in the winter. Must be that in-floor heating. Mmmmm. Fabulous.

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Actually, I work in the Visitor Center, "keeping the books" and so on. The tour guides are the ones that spend the most time in the house. Winter is our slowest time, but believe me, the house is just fantastic in the winter and if you book a winter tour, particularly on a weekday, you'll probably have a private tour with the best guides in the business.

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Oh and by the way....the Visitor Center sells cross-stitch kits of reproductions of FLW windows. What's not to like??

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