Monday, February 13, 2006

Are you like me? Do you keep visiting Online shops to see if they've updated with Market stuff yet? I can hardly believe how impatient I am this year. Lord knows I have enough to stitch right here in my own darn house. Yet I keep clicking over to my book marked favorite shops and I just keep clicking away. It's like pounding the elevator button.

I need to get a life.

Well, to make my obsessive behavior seem more fruitful, I'll share my favorite online shops with you all. I don't have any affiliation with any of these stores. I'm just a shopper. And maybe while I'm filling in the links, I'll pop over just one more time today....

My favorite: Shakespeare's Peddler. Theresa has a nice selection and really great detail on all of the new things she posts. She always tells you the fabrics and specialty threads that have been used for these recent designs. I like that kind of attention to detail in an online store. There’s nothing like ordering something, only to find that you don’t have what you need to complete the project. I've taken advantage of several of the monthly specials over the past few years. Like kit of the month, freebie kit of the month, fabric of the month, etc. It's like a really upscale kit, and a usually a great buy.

I like Stitching Bits and Bobs, too. The site is well organized, with big product pictures, but not much project detail. I swing by there frequently to catch what’s on sale, and I buy one of the Monthly Bits threads programs. I haven’t had any snags so far, so I’m happy.

Another shop I frequent is Wyndham Needleworks. They have a selection of samplers to die for, and my orders from there have always been quickly processed. Another bonus: Wyndham only charges you for actual postage when they ship. I like that.

There's The Silver Needle. Extensive variety of needlework charts and other goodies. LOTS of other goodies. Stitching do-dads you’ve never even thought of. And tons of Vera Bradley stuff, but I’m not into that. So in my opinion, there’s way more info on VB than I think is necessary in their newsletters, but hey, if they sell lots of it and it keeps a shop profitable, then God Bless. The site is easy to navigate and search. I must admit, I surf and day dream there a lot, but I've yet to order.

Same with Elegant Stitch. I’ve browsed a lot, but I’ve never bought anything. It’s a good site and deserves a look around, but I haven’t been moved to pull out my credit card.

Then there are others that I really don’t even browse around, yet I’ve bookmarked them for some reason. There are so many sites that are a drag to navigate, with product pictures that you practically need a microscope to see. Or just columns of numbers and names. Now, I work with columns of numbers all day…so if the product doesn’t splash across the page, you’ve lost me. The site just looks like more work.

OK, I’ve just visited all of those shops again. But with a purpose! Not just out of obsession. And now I will go away until tomorrow. Which starts at midnight.

Oh, real quick! While I’ve been typing here, I’ve been listening to some fabulous Internet radio, Vault Radio . I’m listening to a live performance of James Taylor singing Fire and Rain, in 1970, from the Berkeley Community Theater. I’d swear I’m 14 again. Check it out.

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