Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another JCS ornie

Wow, this one was quick! I tried, I really tried to stitch it over one, as the directions say. Ha. As if. I ended up throwing away my original piece and starting fresh and without guilt. Besides, all of the ornaments I've stitched so far are on the big side for ornaments as far as I'm concerned.

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A quick note about my last post: I think that I just refuse to acknowledge the existence of 8 track tapes. Ooooh, I hated 8 tracks! First of all, recorders were few and far between. Second, I hated the way that they would change tracks in mid song. Pet peeve of mine, I guess. I don't like anyone walking on my music. Like when a DJ would talk over the beginning or end of a song. Or when they would cut a song short for a commercial. So as far as I'm concerned, 8 track tapes were useless.

I spoke with my Mom Sunday evening. Dad was convinced that they had moved and no one had told him. And of course he was frustrated and angry. It's the first time he's been disoriented in his own home. I fear that he's reached a stage when he'll decline very rapidly. Mia, what's your recollection?

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