Thursday, March 16, 2006

Before I put it away, I want to show you the house I stitched into my Souvenir Sampler. This was the house that Dave and I bought in 1985. It was our first home, and we lived in it until 2001 when we bought this house. I decided to depict it as we first purchased it.

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It was a small-ish 2BR ranch. No garage. 11 X 11 kitchen. Redwood siding painted over green. And for us, it felt like heaven. I still like that little house. It was the perfect size for Dave and me, but then along came two children. So we added on to the kitchen. Remodeled downstairs to add a third bedroom. Added a garage. And eventually, we even outgrew that.

Anyway, enough of the down memory lane stuff.

And I need a change.

Now I'm playing with the Tree of Life sampler I told you about several posts ago. I'm trying to decide between a) colors and b) type of thread. First of all, stitching it in the blue-ish greens is out. My walls in one room are wood paneling, and I've painted the trim a forest green. And the other room actually has green walls, so stitching this in green would make it blend in either room. I want some contrast. The "reds" are more pink than I had thought, so I'm fooling with changing it to something less pink.

Meanwhile, I've been stitching one of the motifs on a scrap piece, and I'm giving Vikki Clayton's silk threads a test run. I like the premium floss best. But it's expensive. Decisions, decisions.

Not much else is going on here at the moment.

Dave is due home from his golf trip to Myrtle Beach tonight. I'll be glad when he gets home.

DS is acting like a self-centered butt head, but what else is new?

DD came home in tears last night over not knowing the dance steps for the high school spring musical. Evidently the teacher/director really laid into her at last night's practice, with one of those "some people" speeches. And now I want to go down there and rip his freakin' toupee off his silly head and feed it to him for lunch. (Ooops. Did I say that out loud?) "Some People" had better get it into their heads that this is a high school musical with a limited talent pool to choose from, and teenagers to do NOT do what you want when you humiliate them in front of their peers.

Not only that, this is my Colleen we're talking about here. She doesn't cause trouble. She holds a good attitude, unlike some of the other high school prima donnas. She comes to practices. Cut her a freakin' break.

WELL, on that note....Time to get cracking. Sales tax won't automatically pay itself.

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