Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I don't celebrate this holiday in a big way...I never quite got the excitement of drinking yourself silly on green beer. But today brings out the best Irish proverbs and sayings, so here is one of my favorites:

"May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door."

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What is it about the way the Irish use the English language that makes you feel so sentimental, and sometimes downright weepy?

Well, like I said, St. Patrick's Day to me isn't beer. And my mom never made corned beef and cabbage. But she did buy Irish Potatoes. No, it's not what you're thinking....but the candy kind. Oh my, compacted, sweetened coconut rolled in cinnamon till it was thickly coated. Spicy and sweet. Heaven for the first bite, but then a little sickeningly sweet after that.

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