Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kids These Days

This is a totally off topic post here, because I haven't stitched much this week. Work and family. And more work and family.

First of all, this weekend was the Freshman/Sophomore Dance, and here is my lovely daughter with her equally lovely date:

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Makes me proud to be a parent! But I have to share this with you, also, because sometimes my kids make me shake my head in amazement.

It absolutely kills me when they start talking about the limitations of their MP3 players. DD and her friend were whining in the car a few days ago, that their sub-par MP3 players say that they hold 100+ songs, but in fact, they can only fit about 75 songs, and that's just so annoying.

I had to respond with a Whaaaaa? And then I proceeded to sound exactly like my mother and her stories of radio shows and their first television and so on.

But maybe you guys can relate. Remember the thrill of being able to take your favorite album and put it on....a reel to reel tape? My dad had a tape deck to end all tape decks. It was about the size of a microwave oven. He taped all of his favorite albums, because he said that this way they'd be preserved, because tapes would last so much longer and wouldn't get scratched, and he could get hours of music on a single dinner plate sized reel. Of course, you couldn't leave the house, but you could have your music play and play. And then you'd rewind and rewind. Oh, we thought we were technical wizards. Never mind that you had to spend several days in the house, manually recording stuff.

Then came cassette tapes. We thought it was heaven. You could take them with you! Never mind that you had to manually record those, also, and never mind that you had to flip it every 20 minutes or so. And that the sound quality was pretty bad and that eventually your tape player would eat them up. When DH and I would go on a car trip, we had a small suitcase of cassette tapes. Our music was portable, and we could go anywhere and still have tunes. We were so excited about the Walkman when that came out. What? I could walk with my music? OK, I had to wear a fanny pack, and put a couple of extra tapes in there, but it was no suitcase of tapes with a suitcase sized player.

Skip ahead to today. Now my kids walk around with enough music last a long weekend, in a player that looks like the lighter that I used to keep in my purse back in my smoking days. And they whine that it's not as good as they'd like.

Hmph. If they had to walk miles, every day, up hill, to school, in the snow, like I did, maybe they'd appreciate their little musical miracles.

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