Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh my, we're back to the boyfriend saga. My daughter must be an expert with smoke and mirrors, because even though she told me a week ago that she wasn't interested in Mr. Eighteen Year Old, lately she was really pining for this boy.

Why-oh-why did this boy call her every night? But never came around in person. She was fine for phone calls, but she would ask him to do things and the answer was always no. Then after last night's phone call, my wonderful daughter was weeping. She won't talk to me about it. But I know he played with her emotions - - - I could kill him.

But what can I do? Well fellow bloggers, I've composed a letter to her. Tell me, if it was your daughter, would you send it? Read below:

To my dearest daughter,

I know you don’t want to talk to me about your pain right now…and besides, when I try to talk with you about this, my words come out all crazy and wrong. I want to tell you some things, but when I speak the words, I get overwhelmed with how much I want to protect you and then I sound like a looming mother. I’m sorry.

So I’m going to write this instead, and hope that it comes out right.

Boys…. men…they can be such a mystery.

But it’s a certainty that you will have your heart hurt more than once, and sometimes darlin’, you’ll be the one who hurts the boy. It happens, and it’s painful. But you learn something from each and every relationship.

You learn what it’s like to be treated badly and what it’s like to be treated well. You learn who you can trust with your heart and who you can’t trust. You learn what you are really looking for in a boy. And you learn to take things slowwwwwwly to see if you find those things.

You’ll discover all of these things, and in the meantime, you’ll have your highs and your lows. And the whole time that you’re learning this, remember that Dad and I are always here for you to talk with (or not) and that we think you are an absolutely fabulous young woman.

Oh….and I promise not to kill anyone. No need to fear. I’ll control myself.

I love you, baby girl.


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