Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well, I think my worries about my daughter are over. We had a short talk today, and I asked her exactly what she saw in this fellow. Granted, he seems to be a nice boy, and is certainly very handsome, but beyond that..??

She told me not to worry. She doesn't want to date him, at least not at this point. They just don't have much in common. And he leaves for the army in July, so she didn't see the point.

Once again, I reminded myself that she is beautiful and brilliant. And I asked her to come talk to me about it first,if she ever decided to date an older boy.

So, why have I been up since 2AM, and I'm sitting here posting at 5AM? Woke up at 1:00, drenched in sweat. My freakin' hormones are driving me crazy. I feel like I'm just barely keeping the crazy at bay tonight.

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