Saturday, May 20, 2006

I wrote this last night, and lo and behold it's the subject of this week's SBQ!

The Anatomy of a Stitching Slump

1. It begins slowly. That project you were working on so fervently before now becomes kind of ….ehhhhh…. You’ll probably decide to start something new. And it won’t be anything from your desk/closet/cubby/room/house full of stitching stuff. Because New means New.

2. You go and buy all new stuff for a new project. Heavens – You’re not the problem. It was just that your earlier project was a little too big/complicated/cerebral/repetitive/ambitious for you at the moment. Something New. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

3. The bag of new stuff sits unopened for at least a week.

4. You finally open the new project, but you are missing one thread, and you decide it’s useless to start a new project without having every last thing you need.

5. You return to your earlier project. Take a few stitches and pat your self on the back because: Hey, you’re back on track again. Then TV becomes too interesting and you get hungry and you decide that three stitches were enough. You’ll stitch more tomorrow.

6. Days go by. You become engrossed in Wheel of Fortune. Who can stitch when the wheel is spinning?

7. Well, you’d stitch today – even right now as a matter of fact – but there are dirty dishes, the dog needs to be walked, your need organize your underwear drawer, and there are a million and one other absolutely necessary tasks that MUST be done before you can sit down to stitch.

8. Weeks go by. You dust around your stitching. You don’t even touch it to move it. It’s growing cobwebs. The new stuff you bought has found its way into the closet with your other virginal stash. (Is it still in its original bag from the LNS? Then it’s virginal. Look it up. It’s in the Bible.)

9. You stop posting and then you stop reading the online message boards and blogs. Those people aren’t nearly as busy as you and in fact maybe they should get a life. Lord knows you try and try but you just don’t have time to stitch. It’s a known fact that everyone else in the stitching world has nothing better to do but stitch. Wallow in self-pity.

10. You decide that maybe stitching really isn’t for you. It’s time for a whole new gig. You try other stuff. Maybe knitting. No, no, in lots of ways, that’s too much like stitching. Maybe juggling could be your new thing. You could run away and join the circus. No, no, it’s hopeless. You’ll probably never stitch again and it’s your fault entirely because you have absolutely no attention span anymore.

11. You take a few peeks back at the blogs and the message boards. Just for kicks. Hey, Anna has some neat projects in the works – cool ornaments. Cathy just finished a Butternut Road. Heather just finished a neat damselfly. Mia is moving along nicely on a BIG Italian sampler. Maybe you should go blow the dust off your stitching and see what you have left to finish it.

12. You pick a time and a place. You will stitch in this place, starting at exactly this time, for exactly this long. Amazingly, you make some headway on that boring-ass project (which- by the way - suddenly doesn’t seem so boring anymore).

13. You have the same routine the next day. Except that the kids call you when you’re only 15 minutes into your stitching time because track practice is cancelled and it’s raining and they want to come home so will you puhleeeze pick them up?? And you tell them, sorry darlings, but I’ll be tied up for the next 45 minutes or so, and they’ll just have to wait at the high school until you show up.

14. Ahhh. It’s good to be back.

(Finished yesterday...while it the children patiently waited.)
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