Wednesday, May 24, 2006

SO...I pulled out Souvenir Sampler the other day and I've been putting some work into it each evening. I haven't made enough progress to deserve a photo yet, but maybe soon.

We had a pretty dull WW meeting this morning about nutrition lapses and so on. (I refuse to call it a diet - it's nutrition) Somehow the discussion turned to having support when you are down, and one of our members contributed that she was alone. Completely alone. So when the WW receptionist told her, "Good job", it was the only support she had experienced that week. Oh my, the effect of a kind word. Today I resolve to be more kind.

One more WW story, but this is lighter. DS and I were out to dinner tonight, and I was having my usual chicken, baked potato and vegetables. I'm not complaining - it's very good. John, on the other hand, was having some crazy breakfast feast of an omelet, bacon, potatoes, and followed with a strawberry crepe covered with whipped cream. All the while he's talking to me about WW. And he takes a big bite of the strawberry slop, and says: "Mmmmm. It's point-tastic." The smart ass.

Just think...only 7 more days and I get to have two teenagers at home all summer. Lucky, lucky me. And here's even better news: The dam at the lake needs some repairs, which means that the lake will need to be lowered. REALLY low. As in no swimming or fishing or boating kind of low. That will last until it's fixed, and the best estimate of time needed for this fix is 2 weeks to 3 months.

You may see mothers lined up at the dam with their shovels and picks. We'll either be working on the dam, or burying the bodies. Don't come too close if you don't want to know....

Ooops. So much for my attempt at kindness.

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