Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sorry guys, that I haven't been around much. I suppose I've been obsessing over a few things. Not to the point that I'm not reading your blogs, but just enough not to feel like posting anything on mine.

First of all, I've been working really hard to finish up at the job I'm leaving. I'm shooting for my last day to be May 31. I won't go into details - it's too boring. But even though I'm leaving, I want to leave things nice and tidy for the next person. I've already admitted I'm immature. But I'm not irresposible.

My next obsession has been Weight Watchers. I met the WW goal a couple of weeks ago, after losing.....23 pounds! Like I've said before, that puts me at the top of their normal weight range, but I'd like to be more in the middle, so that means I need to lose around 10 to 15 more. Not impossible!

Just after I started WW, I ran into a friend who teaches a yoga class at the YMCA, and she encouraged me to try it. That was in February. And that has been my third obsession. I can't tell you how much I am LOVING this class. It makes me feel fabulous. I never thought that an evening class would work for me, what with the kids and meals and everything else, but somehow, by hook or by crook, I've made it there most nights.

Of course, my favorite part is the final relaxation, where we all lay or sit without moving and listen to lovely music.

Here's something odd. When I first started going, and we'd try to clear our minds during that final relaxation part, I would lay there for a while, and then I'd get weepy. I wasn't unhappy, just intensely emotional. And I don't know why. It doesn't happen any more, but it was a little embarrassing back then. I'll have to ask somebody about that - maybe the instructor.

My kids are finishing Track and Field season, and between meets and practices, we've been on the go a lot. These two....I'm so proud of them.

(Now I'll begin my unabashed bragging about my kids and some of it may be kind of cryptic if you aren't familiar with track and field, so feel free to skip this part if you like.)

I was kind of concerned about John this year, being that it's his first time back at serious running since his knee surgery in the fall. Well. He's having a GREAT season. His events are the 1600M run and the 4 by 800M relay, and he's gotten better and better at each meet. In fact, this has been his best track season ever. At the County Meet he finally broke 5 minutes in the 1600M, with a 4:57. YAY! That's his best time ever. Then, this week at the WPIAL Qualifiers he ran his leg of the 4X800M in 2:07, which was another personal best and took him from being the slow leg to being the fast leg. DOUBLE YAY! His leg of the 4X800M actually moved the team from 9th place in the race up to 5th place - which meant that the relay team qualified to go to WPIAL Championships next week (They take the top 8 finishers). He doesn't qualify to compete in the 1600M. Those kids run 4:45 or less. In fact, at the PA State Championship meet, the time to beat will be closer to a 4:15. Really amazing.

Colleen runs the 3200M, and she has steadily improved with every meet. In fact, she has set new PR's (Personal Records) every time over the past three meets. Now, Colleen is never close to winning the 3200M. In fact, sometimes she's last. But she's improved so much over the season, and her coach is so impressed, and I know that she's going to have a wonderful time as a high school runner.

And here's the thing about Track...Sure, some kids are fabulous runners. And they always finish first or second. And we're very happy for these kids and their parents. BUT, it seems like Track parents celebrate for all of the kids - first, last, or otherwise. For instance, at the last regular meet, Dave and I were down on the fence cheering Colleen on during her event. She finished third from last, but looked happy at the end, and what-the-heck that's all that counts. So we went to sit back in the stands, and one of the parents said that she thought Colleen had broken her PR. Hmmm, we said, that's nice. Then, as the runners came past us, the winners got a nice smattering of applause, but when Colleen walked by, our team's parents broke into cheers.

As it turned out, she crushed her previous PR by 20 seconds. And later she accused me of orchestrating all the cheering....Not that I wouldn't, but I didn't. Honest. I'm telling you, I was so touched! Sometimes sports parents can be so snarky and other times they can amaze you with their generous spirit.

Sheesh. This morning is getting away from me.

Tomorrow I'll write a bit about some stitching subject. Promise.

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