Monday, June 19, 2006

And another week has passed.

I didn't accomplish much, stitching-wise. I've been either too hot or too tired. So, I decided that I needed something relatively simple and mindless, so I pulled out this:

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I had organized all my supplies for this last year, and it was just sitting pretty and waiting to be started. It seems to be the perfect project for me right now. And with today’s rain, it may cool off a bit.

We had a fun weekend - we made two trips to Pittsburgh for the Three Rivers Art Festival. DH, DD and I spent the day on Friday, then stayed for the evening concert at Point State Park, where we saw The Tragically Hip. Good music, and a crowd that was really into it. Wild, partying, dancing, and singing to every song. Dave and I, while not exactly the oldest in the crowd, were certainly in the older demographic. We didn’t exactly crowd surf, but we enjoyed people watching!

Saturday only Dave and I went, and we had a lovely dinner at a cool restaurant in Mount Washington. Can’t remember the name of it, but it was on Bogg Avenue, had great food, and a fabulous view. And the prices were very, very reasonable. Not what you would expect for Mount Washington. Then we went back to the Point for a free concert by Roseanne Cash. This spring I fell in love with her Black Cadillac album, so this concert was a real treat.

The Art festival was nice, but I think that they allow too many jewelry vendors. It all started to look the same. There was a neat booth with Glass wall pockets – perfect for cut flowers, so I bought a small one. And some interesting metal work – in particular a neat booth of clocks and mailboxes in done in a FLW style.

We have a busy week ahead. Of course, there’s always work. In fact, I need to work a bit ahead because Colleen and I leave for the PA West Soccer Tournament at Edinboro College from Friday until Sunday. We’re staying in the dorms this year – I only hope I can get some sleep. And today is Colleen’s birthday, and Dave’s is on Thursday. Work and party, work and party. It’s a pretty great life!

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