Monday, June 12, 2006

Everyone loves a parade

Days are flying by.....

IT'S SUMMER! The kids are home, but they are still awfully busy, so they aren't underfoot all the time. Actually, it's quite pleasant, and I have to say that I admire their work ethics. Between running, mowing lawns, and working in the pharmacy, John has a full plate. Cross Country will entail more work for him this year, because.....(ta da).....he was named team captain. He's very happy, and we're very proud.

Colleen runs with him each morning and then busies herself through the day. It's wonderful, because she helps me around the house and garden, and I appreciate it to no end. She'd love a job, but there's no point this summer with her going to soccer camp then riding camp, then band camp.

My life is considerably less stressful after leaving the job I discussed in an earlier post. In fact, I finished there last week, so this is the first Monday I've been home in over two years. It feels pretty darn good.

And since I was home today, I was able to watch the US play in the World Cup. It was a tough loss....but over all this past weekend I've loved watching all of the matches. The level of play is fantastic, and as a referee, I think the level of officiating is stellar. My-oh-my, it's addicting.

Wanna see some stitching? Well, you may be disappointed. I've been slacking off again. But anyway, here's my latest progress on Souvenir Sampler:

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Not much progress....let's see....the house is new. It looks like the first house Dave and I bought in 1985. And I've completed a couple of additional letters and bands.

And that's about it for stitching. I'm going to shift gears for a while. I've been a slackard at the JCS Ornament SAL that I had joined. Maybe if I hurry real fast I can catch up. Ummm. Yeah.

But, since I don't have anything new to report stitching wise, I thought I'd treat you to a Parade of Lee's Old Stuff. The parade currently resides in my linen closet, and I have to pull it out and line it up from time to time just to remind myself:

1. I really can stitch.
2. I'm pretty good at it.
3. Everyone loves a parade.

Cathy will like this one. It's my Catch the Wind, stitched during Story Time at the library in 1992. Those were the days....
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One of my faves from 1995, yet I've never framed it. It certainly deserves a frame. Maybe with my last paycheck.....
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Stitched in 2000, just as we were getting ready to move. I was feeling awfully sentimental at the time. From a SB kit, called Forget Me Not. I changed the verse, though.
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My first foray into overdyed threads and charms. The photo is rather dark, but you get the idea. I really need to frame this and give it away.
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And that's the end of the parade! Till next time....

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