Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer was...

This blog entry got its start on Melissa's blog. I loved reading what she wrote because it spoke to my heart. many rich memories. While I don't want to live in the past, I hope I never forget -

What summer was...

Summer was….

Spending a week with my great-grandparents in Villas, NJ, going to the bay to swim, having an evening on the Wildwood boardwalk and eating Taylor Pork Roll sandwiches washed down with birch beer, and watching them rock in their rockers till late at night. Eating candy buttons by the sheet-full.

Taking the bus to my grandparents’ home in the Olney section of Philly, sitting on the big concrete porch during thunderstorms, working puzzle books all day, and waiting up for my grandfather to come home from night shift. then having a giant bowl of ice cream with him while we watched roller derby.

Hanging out with neighbor kids all morning, playing tag and riding bikes to the shopping center or to the local playgrounds where they had summer rec programs. Making a gazillion key chains and playing box hockey, checkers, and Life. Coloring all afternoon in the shade of a big tree. Taking a portable TV out to my neighbors’ screened-in gazebo at night with a giant bowl of popcorn and watching scary movies on Chiller Theater till really late and then being afraid to walk home.

When we were teenagers – Cruising with friends. Playing cards till late at night, “laying out” with a book and a cold drink all afternoon (when I wasn’t working). A week or two in Stone Harbor, sleeping late, hitting the beach from noon till 3, coming back to watch our soaps, getting a shower, and dinner with the family, then walking to town or driving to Wildwood for the evening. When we turned 18, (legal drinking age in NJ back then) every night was a “clubbing night”….I don’t know how we ever lived through that, but we did. 7 beers for a buck at the Shamrock - - - anybody else remember that?

Hmm. Over the weekend I may think about What Summer Is Now.

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