Thursday, June 29, 2006

This is what I do when I should be working. Sometimes jotting down a blog entry gets me settled though; so let’s just say I’m doing something positive to create a good work environment…. Umm. Yeah. That works.

I’ll divide up my post so you can skip the parts that don’t interest you. Fair enough?

Stitching: I finished two of the stars on my Waxing Moon piece. Fun and easy – love the colors. But that’s it. Got some new stuff in the mail – the newest LK ornaments, and I’m looking forward to a couple of the Mother’s Wisdom charts soon. Some new hand dyed fabrics and some new Crescent Colors arrived recently, too. Sorry – no photos. I’m lucky I have time to write about it, let alone photograph it!

The Question of the Week recently was about using magnifiers. No – they make my head swim. I do much better with a lens close to my eyes, so I’ve always used very strong reading glasses, which also have the added benefit of being much more portable and usually very cheap. I pick them up by the handful for under $5 a pair. My stitching glasses need to be about a +3.25 for linen, and +2.5 for aida.

Soccer: Colleen and I had a fabulous weekend at the soccer tournament. It’s the first time we’ve had an entire weekend of decent weather, and when you spend all your time outside, that’s a huge plus.

I’ve noticed that other teams take their game very seriously…you can tell by all of the matching soccer accessories. Our team staggers onto the pitch and the coach hopes that they all brought the correct shirt and socks, let alone matching gym bags and balls and hair do-dads. I think it’s because we’re from such a small town, so the kids who are involved in athletics tend to be involved in lots of athletics. The girls’ high school coach is from the Philly area, and she brought this up once. In a bigger city, if you’re a soccer player, that’s usually it. Or a field hockey player. Or a runner. But in our small school district, most of our girls who play high school soccer may be involved in swimming, too. AND track and field, AND run cross-country. AND softball. And that’s only athletics. That doesn’t take into consideration marching band, school musicals, school clubs, church groups, etc. Consequently, it’s hard to get meaningful practices together, because we’re missing so many players at one time or another. So while other teams seemed to work as a team, our girls seemed like individual players struggling with a ball on the pitch, and there’s no success in that.

So, our team didn’t advance past its promised three games, but when it’s tournament play, you have to put it all into perspective. At home you can be a big fish in a small pond, but when you go to a tournament, you’re a little fish in a BIG pond. But regardless, it’s fun, even if you lose. There’s a weekend of dorm life (no cooking, cleaning, or phones ringing), and fresh air and a fun night out at Quaker Steak and Lube, and Erie has wonderful shopping. So you see, it really is fun, win or lose….Well, as long as you’re not pounded into the ground.

Our games tended to be very early. Our Saturday game was at 7AM, and Sunday’s game was at 8AM. I wish I could describe the beauty of those early morning games. No one else is out yet, so it’s still a relatively quiet. There’s a mist lying over the fields, and the sun is hitting it just so. Kids and refs are in brightly colored uniforms warming up, and parents are setting up near the touchlines. Really, it’s a sight to see. I think it’s an image that I’ll always have with me. It’s one of those “this is it” moments. You know, when life just seems too lovely to describe, so you just breathe in and look at it.

Weight Watchers: Ugh. I was doing really great for months, but for the past month I’m positively going nowhere. Staying the same, losing a couple pounds, and then gaining a couple pounds. Cripes. But I know I’m not staying on track with traveling (remember the Quaker Steak and Lube trip?), birthday parties, picnics, and graduation parties. I make myself run everyday (almost), or else I fear even more weight gain. It’s not fair that I have to work this hard and I’m not even skinny. That was shameless self-pity, but ok, I’m over it now. Truth is…I like that I can run again. I feel really good. My hiney shakes and my legs jiggle, but I don’t care. And I love, love, love my yoga class. So screw what the scale says, right? I’m 48 years old and I’m running again and I feel fabulous.

Upcoming plans: We have a busy weekend ahead of graduation parties, a soccer team car wash, a community softball game, and cocktails with neighbors. Then the kids and I will begin our college tours, starting next Thursday with a trip to Westminster College, overnight there, then to Pitt at Bradford. Why my son wants to see the Bradford campus totally escapes me – Bradford is one of the coldest, snowiest spots in North America. Don’t believe it?? Check the weather stats. This should be interesting.

Have a great 4th folks!

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