Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good Lord, it’s hot!

What a summer to lose the use of the lake! I wish I could swim. It hits me at about 3PM, because that’s when I’d be putting away my work and heading down to the water. And then sometimes later, too, when Dave would come home from work and we’d go for an evening swim.

We don’t have air conditioning. With living in the mountains, there are only a few weeks in the year that we really feel like we need it, so Dave and I have never thought it was worth the expense. Usually we pooh-pooh air conditioning. Hmm. I’m rethinking that attitude. Could be the menopause talking, though.

Ewww. I have to tell you this. It’s kind of about air conditioning. When John and I went to Bradford, I had thought that finding a hotel room would be easy. WRONG. We got what was probably one of the very last rooms in Bradford, at a Comfort Inn, and - - - - - it was a smoking room. And when we walked in the door, it was as if the room itself had been smoking. Between that “distinctive” hotel smell, the cheap air conditioning unit, and the smoke smell, the room reeked. Even opening the windows didn’t help. But our only other option was to keep searching and I was bone tired. No lie, I could barely sleep that night. I kept waking up, wondering what that smell was? I’ll never take a non-smoking room for granted again.

Some totally random stuff:

1. I’ve become fascinated with David Bowie. I have no idea why. I had friends who loved Bowie when I was in high school, but I never got into it. So why now?

2. I started watching a new TV series from Netflix. It’s an HBO series called The Wire. It’s pretty good so far, although the main character seems stiff. Either he’s not a very good actor, or the writing for his character is lame. I haven’t decided yet. Maybe he just hasn’t hit his stride, character-wise. I like the story line, and that’s enough to keep me watching.

3. I’ve made some progress running – I’ve broken the one-mile barrier, even if it’s only 1 mile plus 20 more steps. Altogether, I’m running/walking about 3 miles, but finally the running part is more than the walking part. YAY!

4. A friend of John's left for the Army yesterday. It's absolutely what he wants to do, and he's happy and excited, but it breaks my heart. He seems so young, at only 18.

5. There’s nothing better for summer dinner than a tuna fish/hot pepper sandwich, with potato chips and Pepsi.

And on that note….See you next time!

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