Thursday, August 31, 2006

Believe it or not, I think I'm almost caught up on all of the work I pushed around this summer.

So, today is Clean This Disgusting Office Day.

And then maybe I can spend a guilt-free weekend. I think this happens almost every Labor Day. It feels like a gift!

Weekend plans include:
1. Football Friday night. No, my kids don't play. They are in the Marching Band. Sometimes I just show up for the half-time show. (I'm a bad mother.) Plus, if we get heavy rains from this hurricane, they may not even perform, and in that case, I'll have sat in the rain with wet underwear for no reason at all. I like to watch football, but only in fair weather....
2. Soccer tournament Saturday from 10AM till at least 3PM, unless the girls win and then we go to a playoff, which could be later. I had better take some decent food and a good book. And yes - my umbrella. I'll watch soccer in any weather.
3. Soccer meeting on Sunday. We're putting together the program book for the season, and that means I get a sneak peek at all of the girls' photos. Love it!
4. Monday - NADA. Nothing. Maybe I'll watch The Closer on TNT all day. Maybe I'll take a long nap. And I'll stitch. Yes, stitch. Ooooh, I'll wake up Monday morning and get my coffee and sit in a chair till I feel like getting up.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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