Monday, August 28, 2006

Hello fellow bloggers!

Yes, I’ve been neglecting our relationship. I’ve thought that maybe we should end this - But it’s not you…it’s me. (Are you getting all nervous and thinking that we may be breaking up? Such a classic breakup line!) I just needed my space for a while. No. Not Myspace. That would be lame.

But anyway, the kids are back to school today, and I promised myself that I’d jot down some thoughts for my lonely blog, so here I am. This may be long winded or it may be short and sweet, depending on if I get on a roll or not.

Summer – so glad to see it come and (except for the great weather), so glad to see it end. This was how I spent my summer:

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Those are various trips to and from colleges, camps, and family. I estimated that I put an extra 3000 miles on my car this summer. Yup. I became a real road warrior. I’ve seen parts of the state that I’ve never seen before and I have to say that I enjoyed most of it. I wish DS had done a little more of the driving, and I started to hate his MP3 player (whoa, what a conversation killer), but all in all, it was ok.

So now John enters his senior year of high school, and there are school applications to complete, interviews to be scheduled, and believe it or not, probably one more campus to visit (Ohio State). And there are all the senior nights to prepare for. I know I’ll cry. In the meantime, while I’m not busy getting teary-eyed, I must find a perfect maroon and white outfit for the photos.
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What do you think? A little too much maybe? Not enough? Well, I’m still looking.

DD had an interesting summer, too. She had many learning experiences, including a difficult stay at Girl Scout camp (she’s outgrown it), a great stay at soccer camp (it’s wonderful not to be a freshman anymore), and after practicing with the cross country team all summer, Colleen has discovered that she’s a pretty good runner. There have been lots of parties, lots of friends, and as far as I know, no romances and that’s just fine by me.

I have to say that my kiddos really make me proud. We have our ups and downs, like all families, but this summer was unusually smooth sailing, and that’s a blessing because in other family matters…..

My parents are in an ever-changing situation these days. I visited my parents in late July and was heartbroken to see the decline in my dad. Dad has lost most of his speech abilities. He uses nonsense syllables and words – we can’t understand most of what he says. And when he uses real words, they tend to be in random order and never on topic. Dad sleeps a lot. Most of the day, in fact, and he has a hard time distinguishing between wakefulness and dreams. He knew who I was, but not all the time.

Needless to say, my mom does everything for him, except feeding him. He’s still able to use a fork or spoon to eat. He can use the bathroom on his own, too, but he needs help with his belt and zipper.

So…you see where we are. Thank god my sister Janet is nearby and is so helpful to my mom. My other brothers and sister are nearby too, but for one reason or another, they aren’t much help. So Janet helps as much as she can, but now I think that my mom has come to the realization that she needs outside help, also. She’s arranging for some homecare and for some physical therapy for dad. And she’s considering the next step – selling the big house and buying a smaller, single level home in a community where she and dad can be comfortable and cared for. I’m sure I’ll have more to tell you later. I don’t see her making any moves this year, but I’ll bet that by next year we’ll be starting some serious house hunting.

And I’ll be back on the road again.

My cross stitch projects have gathered dust all summer. So many great things to do, so little time. And my reading list was pitiful.

Well, my 30 minutes of fooling around here have ended, so I’ll close here and pick up again next time.

Thanks for hanging in with me this summer!

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