Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hmmm. This is an odd coincidence.

When my kids were little, I sang to them a lot. You know…in the car when they were fussy. Or in the middle of the night when they’d get up and I’d rock them a little. And I suppose that you sing the songs that just come to your mind. Not even necessarily soothing songs. For nighttime rocking we liked Amazing Grace, We Gather Together, and Tell Me Why.

In the car, they loved Take Me Out to the Ballgame. It was also one of the few songs with words that Dave knew. It would calm them right down.

They also liked You are My Sunshine. So you know I was tickled to see this design a few months back:

Of course, I ordered that one. Especially after I had seen the wonderful stitched pieces on a few blogs.

And now, here they come with another of my kids' favorites :

Can you even believe it? Isn't that funny?

I have this feeling that the next La D Da design will be the baseball song….

Thanks for the get well wishes! Dave brought me home some probiotic capsules, "to restore my intestinal health". I'm feeling better already. I was actually able to eat and NOT run to the bathroom after 10 minutes. So all is well.

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