Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wow. Sorry that I’ve been away so long, guys. It feels like my life has been pretty hectic, and I’ve been lucky to string a few sentences together at the dinner table, let alone write in my blog. Yikes. But I’ve had a good night’s sleep and even slept in a little this morning, and I don’t have to be at the soccer field until 11:45, so let’s see what I come up with…

Are any of you “Alias” fans? I loved that show. Remember how Jennifer Garner (Sidney) could always compartmentalize her life – not letting one part (i.e. ruthless spy) spill into another part (i.e. sweet college student), so that she had all of these different life roles and did each of them spectacularly well? Hm. I find myself wishing I was more Sidney-like, but then again that was FICTION. In real life, or at least in my real life, everything mushes together. And sometimes it’s beautiful, like colors flowing into each other in a rainbow. But sometimes it’s gross. It’s like one of those nasty KFC chicken-potato-corn-gravy bowl meals. Eww. Whoever came up with that??

So…I think today I’ll compartmentalize my blog.

Children: DS is having a tough time of it lately. Nothing in his life is going well at the moment. Some of it is his fault, but lots of it is beyond his control and my heart is hurting for him. Cross country, school, social life – he’s just running into brick walls. And yes…he takes it out on me most of the time. I keep reminding him (and myself) that this will pass and it’s all part of being a high school senior. He’s got a really bad case of Senioritis, and it would be much more tolerable if just ONE good thing were to happen for him, and soon. Fortunately, DD continues to be an easy teenager, and I adore her for it. If and when I have two of them in this pissy mood at the same time, I may have to do something radical. Murder sounds about right.

Husband: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Dave has been dealing with some heart problems for the past year or so, and after much badgering, I finally got him to follow up with a doctor. So we began a series of tests and as usual everything is hurry up and wait. Unfortunately, the cardiologist can’t see him until December 8th, and all of this is weighing heavily on his mind. So, he gets pretty cranky, too.

I swear, I should just wear a “kick me” sign on my back.

Parents: My poor dad has gone even further downhill since my visit there last month. He has started wandering in the middle of the night, and he’s either in a state of constant agitation or asleep. My sister called me yesterday because she is so worried about my mother and her state of mind. My mom can be short tempered, and I think she’s had all that she can bear. So as much as we would like to see Dad at home, and as much as my mom would like to believe that she’s handling all of this, Janet and I have come to see that we have to start looking at nursing homes or Alzheimer’s care facilities. To complicate matters even more, as it happens their money situation is not what I thought it was. Such. A. Mess.

My Sports: Soccer is finally over! This morning was my last game of the season, and the field was a quagmire of mud and water. I can’t believe the league didn’t cancel the game. One of the goal boxes had a giant mud puddle just in front of the goal, and believe me, in the first half that keeper took a few mud baths. Then, when he switched sides in the second half, he was wet AND the wind was blowing in his face. At one point, he had the ball and was just standing there, stunned and shivering. I asked him if he was ok, and he didn’t answer – just shook his head. Did he need to come out? He said no. Sorry though, I’m a mom and a referee, and this kid was hurting. So I stopped play and called out his coach. No recreational league game is worth hypothermia. He eventually came back in, with dry clothes and the ability to speak, but since the league president was watching the game, I think he took that as a sign to cancel the rest of the games on that field. Smart move. As for running, I’m keeping up with three miles a day, three and four days each week. I’m looking forward to the upcoming session of Yoga practice, which begins Tuesday night. I can feel a huge difference after having missed September and October! Mentally and physically. It will be wonderful to get back to that class again.

Work: Not much to tell you about there. The homeowners association that I work for has had a recent change in leadership, and it’s been an interesting change. The new president give me much more work to do, though, and I just hope I can keep up. Pharmacy work remains the same. Just a steady stream of bills to pay and so forth.

Stitching: Whaaaa? Do I actually stitch?? Not much. But, I do have some new purchases to photograph and show you and now fall season sports have ended, my favorite pastime will be sitting in front of the TV and stitching. So, I hope to have some stitchy news later.

So, till tomorrow!

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