Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween photos

Since lots of us are posting photos of our kids from Halloween, I thought I'd share a few, too.

John has inherited my Anti-Halloween genes, but he's forced into participation because the high school marching band performs in the local Halloween parade. Each section picks a theme, so in the past few years the trumpet section has been gang members, mobsters, and hillbillies. He's been able to manage costumes pretty well for those. But this year the theme was robots. Well, when you combine an odd theme with a kid who doesn't like dressing up AND who is a senior who feels too "old" for all of this...Well, this is what you get:

Colleen, on the other hand, likes to dress up and will happily dress for any occasion. Like Twin Day at school:

So she did pretty well for the Halloween parade when the clarinet section dressed as pirates. This is a picture of her and a friend.

The twirlers dressed Imagine what my son would have done for that. If he had been a twirler.

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