Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm just in the door and back from an overnight stay at a college with John. Hold on to your hats, but I think Allegheny College may be an almost perfect fit for him. It was a long couple of days (for me - not Johnny, who had a great time), but it was certainly worth it.

Allegheny is a little further away than I would have liked, but I'll make it work.

Now I want to prop my feet up and relax.

Tomorrow is Veterans' Day, and the kids will march in the local parade. This is a parade that I usually like. At 11:11 everyone stops and a trumpet at the head of the parade plays taps. Then a trumpet at the rear echoes it. And then one a couple of blocks away plays. I'll tell you makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when they do that. It's like the energies of soldiers living and dead arrives all at once. Seriously.

Now you'll all think I'm a lunatic.

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