Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In the end, I just couldn't reconcile with Rick Santorum.

The other day I was parking my car in front of a Methodist church, and there was a big banner on the outside of the church that read:

"Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors."

Sometimes you see something that resonates with you for days on end, and that banner has been on my mind all week. It was such a good touchstone of how I strive to practice my faith and live my life. So, although Santorum has a good record of advocacy for the poor, I couldn't square my life and faith philosophy with his. And so there you have it.

On a lighter note, I've become a big fan of Eliot Morris. His music just sets my toes a-tappin'. And it makes me run....really fast!
Click the link and listen to the songs on his Myspace site.

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