Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Long boring stories about cleaning

I'm disappointed in myself. I've skipped about a week of posting, and I had such good intentions! It's funny - with the kids gone for the week, I've been away from the computer more than ever. I thought it would be the other way around.

It's been an interesting several days. When I left John and Colleen, I came home to a house that felt like it had been deflated. My first thoughts were, Oh no, if this is what it will be like when they've both left home, I'll be miserable. (Whenever they've both been away before, Dave and I have gone somewhere, too. This time though, he wasn't able to get away from work, so we've been here at home.)

But gradually I became accustomed to the shift of energy. Now it's not so bad. In fact, I feel like this is preparing me for the next phase of my life. That whole "empty nest" thing.

So - - - I've been cleaning. And let me tell you, it had been a LONG time since I had done any deep cleaning in the house. the sweeper, pick a few things up and toss them in bedrooms, but that was almost all I had been doing for months and months. The weekend consisted of cleaning all of the living areas and while that was no small task, it was nothing compared to the kids' bedrooms. Mind you, I told them way in advance that I planned to clean their rooms while they were away, and that nothing was sacred, so if they wanted to pre-clean or organize....that might be a good thing. Of course, they didn't touch a thing.

I expected John's room to be the biggest job, so I tackled it Monday night. All in all, it took me about 4 hours and I made a huge difference in there. Now you can open the door and walk from the door to the bed without having something jump out and grab your ankles. And it smells like Murphy's Oil Soap instead of stanky young man. So here are some interesting facts about John's room:

1. He hasn't thrown away a shoebox in well over four years. I found dozens of empty shoe boxes. Dust and cardboard. Lovely. Nor does he throw out shoes. Fortunately, I have no problem throwing that crap out.

2. He has about 50 workout t-shirts. I folded at least 20 that were in laundry baskets around the room, and went to the dresser to put them away, only to find that the dresser drawers were full. Bulging, in fact. Sigh. And those are only the workout/running shirts. That doesn't count the "dressy" t-shirts.

3. I found 4 large bags of plastic army men???

4. And a couple of other things that you might find in an 18 year old boy's room, and I won't go into detail here, but after much thought, I just put it all back where I had found it. It could be worse. Enough said.

Then last night I started on Colleen's room, which I foolishly thought would be a quicker, easier job. And after about two hours, I was close to tears. Yes, I'm 48 years old and I was ready to cry over a messy room. After 4 hours of work, I'm not even close to done in there. How can she seem to be so organized and live in such a disaster?

More tomorrow.

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