Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nope. Didn’t finish. Life with teenagers stole my time away. Well, kind of. I fell asleep pretty quickly, too, so I can’t put the blame completely on them. But life marches on and I’ll finish soon, because even though I had hit the wall on this project, I seem to have my second wind. So it's all good.

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about….my internet “routine” every day. We all probably have one, especially if you're a blogger, I think.

Usually, I get up around 6AM (give or take 15 minutes), pack lunches, make my coffee, and start rousting John from his bed. (Colleen is always up by 5:30, because she’s a fabulous daughter) Then, in between threatening John with buckets of ice water if he doesn’t get his ass out of bed, I sit down at the living room computer for my web routine.

And I know you’re all dying to know what it is.

First I check my email accounts. I check the personal account that I only use for close friends, family, and coworkers. Then I check my Yahoo account. That keeps all of those web newsletters and web contacts. Sometimes I get side tracked there and that’s as far as I get. But if not….

Then I zip through my small number of Yahoo groups – always fun but sometimes frustrating because I miss so many messages if I miss a day or two. And here comes my next opportunity to get sidetracked, when I’m looking at all of the fabulous projects in the photo albums.

I check the weather on Intellicast, and then I skim the online version of the local newspaper.

By that time, it’s about 7:30 and the kids are gone and Dave is well on his way to being gone, and it’s time for me to get to my real life routine. So I push away from the monitor, get dressed and go for a run or start working right away – depending on the day’s schedule.

First thing I do, even before I start Quickbooks: I go to Radio Paradise and get some music going. Another favorite is Both have great stuff to accompany you while you work.

But there’s no doubt that if my work keeps me at home all day, at some point I’ll drift into “the rich, velvety pointlessness of blog-surfing.” (A wonderful quote stolen from on of the more velvety blogs, Laid Off Dad.) This happens most frequently if I’m doing something repetitive and boring, like entering daily sales for the month. Ugh. I actually have to set a timer, FlyLady style, to make myself finish those tasks.

So….off I go. I go to my own blog, and check my sidebar for recently updated blogs, and I go visit. If work is really pressing, I set a timer again – no more than 15 minutes of blog surfing during the work day. But by 4 or 5PM, if I’m still home, I pop back again and then it’s no holds barred until the family starts to whine that they need to be fed. Pesky family. By then I’m usually finished with the computer and the net for the day. It doesn’t seem to draw me at night.

There now…wasn’t that just the most interesting thing you’ve ever read? It's a good thing that I'm blogging more frequently, or else you'd never know all this stuff.

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