Thursday, December 07, 2006

Today is snowy and gray. It’s very December-ish. I can’t wait until this month is over and the days start getting longer. All of this darkness makes me lazy.

After having the kids’ computer in the family room for two years, I finally did the necessary clicking around to let them use the wireless network for the office printer. Procrastinate? Me?

There’s nothing to write about today. I think I’ll go watch TV.

OK, I’ll tell you my current TV favorites:

1. Favorite Comedy: The Office – Could you get any funnier?

2. Favorite Drama: The Closer – I love Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson and her squad. I love The Shield, too, but it’s not on right now.

3. Favorite Reality Show: The Amazing Race. There’s always someone to love and someone to hate.

4. Favorite Fake News: The Daily Show

5. Favorite Daytime TV: Judge Judy

6. Favorite Talk Show: None. Just not my thing.

Now I’ll go watch TV.

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