Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here are some photos of the hankies and the little peach pit basket from my grandmother's box. Now that I've looked thru all of it, I think my mom chose bits and pieces from both of my grandmothers' belongings, because there are some things in there that I'm pretty sure belonged to my paternal grandmother, too.

Anyways, about the hankies: I chose some of my favorites to share with you. The edgings were lovely. I doubt that my grandmothers created/attached any of these edgings. My mom thought so, but a few of them still had store tags on them, and while my great-grandmother did lace crocheting and tatting, my grandmothers weren't into that.

However, my mom said that my grandfather had carved this peach pit into a little basket, and I believe she's right. My grandfather was always fiddling with something little. He liked to doodle, whittle, and that sort of thing, so this seems like just the sort of thing he'd play with.

Me - - I haven't been playing with much these days. Work, kids, husband. I feel tired and pressed for time lately. I finished a band on Tree of Life, but it's not worth taking a photo for that little bit. Maybe over the weekend?

In the meantime, Cindy tagged me with this meme...and let me tell you, there are plenty more than six things...but most of them have to do with sleeping.

6 Weird Things About Me:

1. I get the willies if I have to get into an unmade bed. 95% of the time, I've made the bed with Dave practically still in it, just so I won't run the risk of forgetting and arriving home at night to an unmade bed.

2. I can't sleep if I smell anything. Food, perfume, smoke odors. It all keeps me awake.

3. It grosses me out if someone gets into a bed with their clothes on. Like pulling down the covers and getting in with normal clothing. Ugh.

4. I can't stand the thought of anyone touching my fingernails. I've never had a manicure and I never will. Nor a pedicure.

5. I have this obsession about things being "even". It's hard to describe. I like for all of my food to even out on the dinner plate, so that at the end there's one bite of everything left. Kind of like that. Or if I have a bandaid on my right hand, my left hand feels like something is missing. Don't even get me started on sweet and salty....I think it's why I'm a decent bookkeeper - it all has to balance.

6. I can't watch someone brush their teeth. Even the commercials gross me out.

There you have it. The Weirdness of Me. And if you're reading this and care to play along, consider yourself tagged now, too!


  1. Thanks for the picture of the peach pit basket; I couldn't picture it. It sure is cool.

  2. Love your hankies and the peach pit basket. That's an unusual object! Thanks also for sharing your weirdnesses. I'll be posting mine soon, but I really want to read as many from others as possible. Just to see I'm not the only *really* weird person on the planet.
    Hope you find time to get some stitching done soon!

  3. The hankies are just beautiful!! I love the little basket too, they are all such treasures!!

    I just love your weird things, thanks for accepting the tag!

  4. What a darling little basket. Thanks for sharing the photograph of it.

  5. Awesome little peach pit basket-I have never seen one before and I know how hard peach pits can get-he must have watched his fingers carefully!
    The hankies are so nice to have too.
    I too can't sleep if there are any strong aromas in the air. I use to make this egg dish in the crock pot for Christmas breakfast, and I had to stop because I smelled it cooking all night.