Saturday, January 20, 2007

I really don't have anything to post about.

But - lucky you - I'm in a moving-things-around mood, and I'm rearranging the office. I came across this box of my grandmother's things that my mom gave me during a recent visit. I must have brought it home, took it in the office, and like so many other things in there, it kind of disappeared.

So I found it today, and it has some terrific stuff in it, like a tiny basket my grandfather carved out of a peach pit, and dozens of really wonderful hankies.

And, like most grandmothers, she had pictures. Most of them were of us grandchildren, and she liked to take pictures. Well, here's a good one:

That's me, in all my pre-teen bored splendor.

Even the fake ducks look confused about the expression on my face. "You're at the beach, girl....Cheer Up!"

I'm guessing it was from the late 60's. It's at my great-grandparents' home in Villas, NJ, and I don't remember going there much in junior high, so I'm guessing I was about 10 or 11.

I'd spend a few weeks with them each summer. There are some memories that hit me quickly when I think of those summers.

Taylor Pork Roll sandwiches and birch beer on the boardwalk.
My grandparents were night owls - always up late watching the Tonight Show.
Homemade potato pancakes.
Puzzle books and comic books.
Going "up street" with my grandmother.
Candy buttons. They always kept a big supply of candy buttons, candy necklaces, and candy bracelets.

Boy oh boy. Such memories.


  1. Such a great picture, and such wonderful memories. You DID have sometihng to blog about, after all!

  2. Love the pic, my "Grammy" had pictures like that stuck away everyway in her house when we cleaned it out. Memories.

  3. I want to see the peach pit basket, please.

  4. I just love pic! I agree that I would love to see the little basket. It sounds like you have a box of true treasure there!!

  5. Cute photo! I think we had a plastic chicken at my mom's. ; )
    Hmmm...we went to Wildwood and Cape May, but my husband's aunt still has a place in the Villas (I think I may have mentioned this to you before.)
    I ate Pork roll too! Did you also eat scrapple and cornmeal mush? I won't eat scrapple that much anymore because I know what is in it.