Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More from my grandmother's box...

It was on Easter Sunday, around 1970? It was one of those years when both "mini's" and "maxi's" were cool. And definitely the Peasant Dress was cool. The "midi" hadn't come around yet.

I wanted a Maxi, but my mother convinced me that I would look better in a Peasant Mini. I should have convinced her otherwise.

My kids say it looks like I forgot to put on my pants. What they fail to realize is that I was wearing shoes with a chunky heel. That bit of coolness made up for the lack of pants.

The lovelies in this blurry photo include my best Junior High friend, Bernadette (in the orange print maxi), my sister Claudine, me, my brother Paul, and my sister Janet. My youngest brother Robert was probably about a year old, and he's not in the photo.

Stitching - not a whole heck of a lot, but some.

There are some interesting things going on in the blog world, and I want to comment on a few of them, but I need to keep this short today. I try not to work on Wednesdays, but today is an exception, with so much payroll stuff due in today. At least I'm reasonably caught up on these things and there'll be no last minute run to town to catch the 6PM mail pick up!


  1. You sure it wasn't 1976? That outfit on the far right was in around then--the colonial housewife with built in apron look, yeah, I did that!

    My Tree of Life is this one. Much smaller and easier!

  2. Another lovely photo, Lee. The colours for A Tree of Life are so lovely. I'm stitching another sampler in very similar colours!

  3. What a great photo!!! It is really funny how clothes do change in time!

    Love the stitching!