Thursday, January 04, 2007


I ran in a race on New Years Day, and I ran better than usual and felt pretty darn decent afterwards. Mind you, I finished third from last and two women walking beat me, but for cryin' out loud they were walking fast and they meant business. I was just out for a morning jog that happened to occur during a race and that ended with a sweet roll and a complimentary Bloody Mary, and a hideous lime green race T-shirt.

But I'm getting off topic...

So, with delusions of grandeur I got cocky and decided to change my regular route. I added about a half mile, and most of it was up a hill. A big, steep hill, right smack dab in the middle of my run.

What am I, a moron?

I have a new resolution for 2007. Forget running up life's hills. Either walk up a big hill, or run a series of small hills. But don't be an idiot that makes stupid decisions and then limps about for days later, begging for ibuprofen and sympathy. It's not worth it.

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