Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So…. here we are at the beginning of another year, and just like in past years, I find myself looking back and looking ahead at the same time.

I never felt the need to evaluate life like this when I was younger. Maybe life seemed much more stable and permanent back then. Life felt like it would never change, but it’s probably more realistic now to realize that the bravado of youth was hiding life’s instabilities from us.

Mind you, I don’t view these changes with sadness. This year my life has seen many changes, and next year I’m facing huge changes. But I’ve seen myself and those around me grow and develop with these changes, and it’s been a terribly beautiful thing. Of course, sometimes it’s painful. I think there is always some beauty to the pain just as there is always some pain involved in the beauty. Like that whole yin/yang thing.

Looking back: My biggest change was in my personal health. To make a long story short, I lost a lot of excess weight in 2006, and I made huge changes to my physical fitness. (Thanks to Weight Watchers, some good friends, and my wonderful family) I feel incredibly blessed that I had support through the whole thing. All I needed to do was ask for it…and sometimes it came without even asking. Believe me…I don’t take that for granted, not even for a second.

Looking ahead: I’m going to work hard to stay healthy and fit, and to find the joy in doing what I can do, without judging myself or others.

There are lots of other things to look back on and to look ahead towards in 2007, but I think I’ll just leave it at that. You all who read my blog know about my other struggles and goals, and they can be put under a few simple headings and in order of importance:

1. Children
2. Husband
3. Other family (parents, siblings, etc)
4. Friends
5. Work
6. Creative pursuits

And so…bring on the New Year! I’m ready for anything!

Oh…Ahem….stitching news? I worked some on Tree of Life last night, but let the rhythm lull me into laziness, so I missed a change in part of a band and had to spend the second half of my evening picking out the stitches I had completed in the first half of the evening. Silk does NOT like to be picked out. That’ll teach me…

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