Saturday, February 17, 2007

Here's an interesting website that I've come across this week. Besides the cool articles, it makes me feel like a needlework "insider".

Craft Gossip

Scroll down towards the bottom of today's page to find a neat podcast interview with Heather Holland-Daly, the designer behind Monsterbubbles. I love her quirky designs!


  1. Yeah! I'm not getting knocked off anymore.
    Oh, an insider-gotta love being a crafty one at that!

  2. Great site, I will have to go back and check it out more later when I am done catching up on blog visiting! Thanks for sharing

  3. I ran across this post while reading in Bloglines late one night last weekend, trying to wind down so I could go to sleep. I cannot tell you how good your post made me feel, except that suddenly I was blushing and wide awake again. I didn't go to bed for at least another two hours and couldn't stop grinning. Anyway, I've wavered back and forth all week about whether or not I should post a comment, and whether or not posting one would make me seem snooty. I decided I wanted to thank you publicly because it's really a special thing to make someone you don't even know feel on top of the world!