Monday, February 12, 2007

Now I've seen everything....Are you kidding me?? I saw this in the grocery store last night and my eyeballs nearly fell out.

I don't mean to dis Kraft dinner. Although I rarely buy it these days, I've eaten a lot of Kraft dinner in my lifetime, and enjoyed (mostly) every bite. I discovered Kraft dinner when I was in poor and in college and soon learned that it mixed well with lots of things, like tuna or applesauce, or if there were really slim pickings, just ketchup.

But organic? C'mon.

But maybe this is actually a good thing. Time to get off my butt and learn how the food industry defines "organic" , and I'll quit being such a lemming, because now I doubt everything that I've bought that's labeled Organic.

Hey, as long as you're here...I've been fooling with a music player in my sidebar. I've set it so you have to click it to hear it. But I've noticed that it appears and works fine on my computer, but when I go to the kids computer, it's a broken link. Can you tell me if it works for you? Thanks!


  1. If I allow the Active X control to run, it will display the media player.

    I doubt everything "organic" really is.

  2. Hee hee, organic food from a package... That's a new one for me.
    The music played without a hitch, Lee, it works fine on my pc!
    I loved reading about your audio book. Unfortunately, they're very hard to come by in The Netherlands. They're not very popular here. So I just listen to the television...

  3. ROFL...just wondering how it can be "organic" when it never had any real cheese in it anyway. And yes...I remember the days you could buy 4 for $1.00 and I basically lived off the stuff (plus Campbells tomato soup).
    BTW...your music works for me and sounds wonderful. Sitting here grooving to it right now. =)

  4. Yep, the music is working here. Do you have the proper download on the kids' computer? It may be missing something.
    I don't know much about organic, but I do know that it's mostly stuff from the earth, not mac and cheese. I do have to have an occasional mac and cheese, I prefer homemade though.

  5. The music is playing...I heard both songs at the same time...The Steely Dan one and Bella Luna. I like both, but Bella Luna is doing it for me right now. Thanks! In order to hear them, I shut off one, then when done with one, I shut it off and tuned the other on.

    I'm new to your blog, like it!