Friday, March 02, 2007

Thanks guys, for your kind comments on my last post. I guess it's just that, like most of us, I always expect better from myself. How does it go...We're our own worst critics.

But enough about that already.

It looks like Tree of Life and I will have a nice evening together. John has invited a young lady over for dinner and a DVD, and Dave is working, so I'll be hanging around the house. He's 18, but I still won't let him have a girl over if there are no parents here. (Control freak? Who, me?)

The weather has cooperated this week and I've been able to get out for runs on three days. Good lord, it's amazing what a month or more off the roads did to my conditioning. In the bad weather I used my Ancient Basement Nordic Trac, or I'd go to the YMCA and use an elliptical trainer and a treadmill. But outside, with the wind and the's a whole different story.

And yet here's John, who doesn't run for three months, (in fact, his hiney sat on the couch for three months) and he's doing "light" 6 mile runs for a week and comes back and says Gee---he feels great again. Have I told you how much I hate my son? It's just not fair.

I don't really hate him. How could you hate this face?

Hey, has anyone seen Babel? We watched it a week ago, and I'm curious about others' thoughts. I'll feel better if one of you felt as clueless as I did.

We watched The Departed last weekend and I loved it. Partly because it's my type of movie, but also because of the actors, particularly Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio. Excellent.

Yikes. I had better get to work. Money to earn, bills to pay. It never ends, does it?


  1. Hey Leeny!
    If it makes you feel better I'm 25 and live on my own and sometimes my mother doesn't like my boyfriend (of 6 years) and I to be in the house alone. Not sure why - I went to school 10 hours away and we lived together part of that time.

    I have not yet watched Babel but I also loved The Departed.

  2. So your son has his age in his favor maybe? (He's a cutie, BTW). My son eats all the 'bad foods' and looks nice and trim. He does go to the Y a few times a week though.
    I didn't like 'The Departed'. I guess all that cussing, fighting, etc. isn't my type of movie to relax to. We watched an hour and then my son finished watching it in his room. We haven't seen Babel yet.
    I sure hope it's nicer in your neck of the woods.